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Some of the things I cover in the training sessions are:

  • How to create a CALM dog at all times

  • Tools and Equipment

  • Rest and Kenneling

  • Leash skills – loose leash walking

  • Walking 101

  • Recall

  • Leash Reactivity, and barking

  • Rules, boundaries and expectations

  • Prevention of behavioral issues

  • TikTok
  • Facebook
  • YouTube


These are four hour workshops where we spend the time learning and working with our dogs.  A great learning and bonding time with your dog.

Private Lessons

We meet for three or five times for lessons and take it a bit slower and really work and practice with the dogs. This is more for those looking for more in-depth one on one help. I come to your home for the first few lessons then we venture out to parks and walks in town etc. to work on having your dog be ok in all environments. We work on proper greetings of people and dogs and just all around good behavior.

Heavenly Packages

This is when you have a dog that needs more intensive consistent training. The dog comes to our home and becomes part of my pack for the days you select for training. I work with your dog through the day and then have lessons with you to teach you what I have done with your dog so you can continue it on. I also video the sessions and send them to you so you can have that as a reference.  See below for the different packages we offer.


Heavenly 2

6 months and under $350.00 + GST

7 Months and up $450.00 + GST

Two full days of training in our home. We will customize a plan according to your needs. We have a hands on training session at the end of each day.

Heavenly 4

6months and under $550.00 + GST 

7Months and up $650 + GST

Four full days of training in our home. Two days one week and two days the following week. We have a hand on working session at the end of day 2 and 4. We will customize a plan according to your needs.

Heavenly 7

$1300.00 + GST

Seven day intensive training customized to deal with the specific needs of your dog. We tackle more difficult behaviors during these 7 days. We have two working sessions one on day 3 and the other day 7.

Heavenly 12 week Dog School

Fees are charged weekly at $130 + GST for 12 weeks. You can pay in full if desired.

In our 12-week Dog School training program, your dog will come to training 2 days per week for 3 months. Therefore, Dog School requires a 3-month commitment (2 days/week for 12 weeks) for training.


Our Training is designed for intensive training. We will work with you to establish what skills your dog needs to learn throughout the course of our program. 

Skills taught can include basic obedience commands like sit, stay off (no jumping), loose leash walking, and reinforcing the dog's name. We can work on dog reactivity, noises and phobias and come when called. We can also deal with minor behavior modifications like barking and play biting as well as well as major behavior modifications like dealing with leash aggression, counter surrfing, resource guarding and more.

Day Workshops

$250.00 / 4 hour workshop + GST

 I also offer Day workshops covering How to create a CALM dog at all times
Tools and Equipment
Rest and Kenneling
Leash skills – loose leash walking
Walking 101
Leash Reactivity, and barking
Rules, boundaries and expectations
Prevention of behavioral issues

Required Vaccinations

All dogs attending any of our training MUST be current on DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella vaccinations.

A photo of your dog vaccination records MUST be sent by text. 

What to bring

Parents should bring your dog’s breakfast to be eaten at Dog School (and lunch and dinner if needed to eat during the hours your dog will be at Dog School).

Testimony from Workshops and Training!

mia training.jpg

Attended Heavenly pups class in wetaskiwin on Saturday, with our little Mia and my 2 son’s. The theory and information given was great, Pam is great at making sure the materials are relatable and relevant to our relationship with Mia, what we learned in theory we put right into practice this same day! And its amazing how smart these pups are! When you have right tools and the skills to communicate with your pups. Each family member got to practice, which I thought was great, as we all needed to get on the same page. My oldest son was struggling with his relationship with Mia and I can already seem some improvements and their relationship changing! Pam was super patient and kind, answered all of our questions, gave suggestions, and called us out when needed lol 😂 which let’s be real training is really more about the people! Thanks Pamela Lynn Hawboldt you definitely can tell how much you LOVE your 🐕 dogs! And training! We sure have some work/practice to do! can’t wait to see how our relationship with Mia changes.

Pam was fabulous with our dogs! Walter came back to us a changed dog — for the better!! It’s never a worry about Walter remaining calm and listening to his instructions. I have no doubt she helped to prepare him for his therapy dog future. She refreshed Morris on his manners and got both our dogs on the same page as to our commands and expectations. We all live happier lives together thanks to Pam.

Walter and Moris.jpg

Pam is a wonderful dog breeder with a wonderful family who are all active in the nurturing and raising of these pup until it's time for them to go to their forever homes. They are the best pups, truly!

We also just attended her "Creating a Calm Dog" 2-day workshop (Oct. 17/18) in Calgary and it was super helpful and a ton of fun to boot.

Thank you Pam & Mysquamii for an awesome weekend full of fun and useful doggy life skills!

Sully is our 9m Cockapoo we purchased from Pam. She has SO much love and passion for animals that it really shows in her puppies and her willingness to help and talk you through every question.

I had the opportunity to partake in a 2 day class where we helped create a calm dog. With some minor tweaks in our everyday life, it’s amazing already to see his calmness and his ease as we now decide when his supper, play and walk times are. And how much our dog was craving mental stimulation.

It was amazing to see the changes in the rest of “the pack”. How calm the reactive dogs became. To watch the timid/nervous dogs gain confidence with their surroundings.

I highly recommend a class with Pam and her daughter. You won’t be disappointed.


My family is so fortunate to have one of Heavenly pups puppy . Simba is a very cute and sweet 1 year old teacup poodle . We have recently taken a 2 days workshop with Pam, and it was an inform and fun workshop. My puppy came home a different dog, he is listening better. With Pam’s help, Simba learned to find his calm , and it helps him in so many ways to be more confident. The workshop also helped my children as first time puppy owner to learn how to train and care for their puppy they loved dearly .

This lovely owner of Heavenly pups (Pam) was amazing and so helpful with our new furry family member. Pam helped us with our 3 month old golden retriever, she was so Knowledgable and taught me so much. She did private lessons with us at our house to help us settled into the puppy stage. If I had any questions about anything she always had the answer and got back to me instantly. She also met me at different places around the city to help me with how to handle a crazy puppy in public. I will absolutely keep working with her as our puppy grows. If anyone is looking for helpful advice and or training she is the one to contact. She also has adorable pups of her own so check out her page!


Pictures from Training and workshops.

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