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Welcome to
Heavenly Pups!

It is our passion to breed the best quality pups for you to add to your family. We take great pride in our process from beginning to end of puppy rearing.

About Heavenly Pups

We are a young family from Wetaskiwin AB.  I (Pam) have always had a strong love for animals. I am sure I drove my parents crazy with all the animals we had or animals I brought home. That love has never gone away and carried on to my children as well. I am a homeschooling mom and value my time at home with my children and family. We love the Lord and have  strong family values. My house is always buzzing and full of activities. We love our furry pets. My love of this breed has caused me to start this breeding program. The Cockapoo  is in my opinion one of the absolute best dogs for families.


Our program is a licensed business through the city of Wetaskiwin and we are insured in our home and across Canada as I teach dog training lessons and workshops.


I, Pam Hawboldt as the owner manager am passionate about raising healthy well balanced puppies. I want to provide the best opportunities to make your experience with your puppy the best it can be.. I am an associate member of the International Association of Canine Professionals. I have taken extensive dog training courses and I am regularly upgrading and learning more from other respective trainers across North America.

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My passion is to see a doggie owner enjoy their time with their dog and not be frustrated by their behaviour. My focus is Relationship based behavior techniques. It’s a time for you to build the proper relationship with your dog so you in return get out of your dog what you are hoping for. I offer a few different things.

What our clients are saying!


Alyssa Lescano

Pam has been very amazing! From inquiring about the pups, asking tons of questions, to placing a deposit, to the birth of the pup and finally bringing him home. Even then, her support after bringing your new pup home hasn’t stopped and as a first time dog owner, I am very appreciative of it! My little Frankie has been the perfect addition to my life and you can definitely see the work Pam and her family has put into these lovely puppies. If only I lived closer I would def do all the trainings with her and hang out with all the other heavenly pups! 11/10 recommend


Karen Wolanski

Top Notch!
We received our pup during the start of self isolation! We had been on the list prior. A pup from Pam is absolutely worth the wait. Upon meeting Pam, I knew I wanted to be on her list from observing her pups, adult dogs, kids and her demeanor and knowledge. Pam helped match us with an amazing pup. Matching us with the right pup was crucial to us. Pam helped us navigate bringing her home and continues to be available to answer questions promptly. We are so blessed to have received one of Pam’s pups. Our pup is the sweetest and smartest! We fall in love with her more everyday! I am looking forward to our future training sessions on zoom as that’s the delivery method in these strange times. I can’t sing Pam and her families praise enough! Thank you Pam and Family!


Kirstin Johnstone

Pam was amazing to deal with leading up to when we brought our puppy home. She cares about each and every one of her dogs and puppies. She was well informed and answered all our questions. She posted tons of videos and pictures of our puppy which we all enjoyed and appreciated so much! She continues to help answer any questions you have in regards to training etc after you being your puppy home and helps any way she can! We love our little Lexa and she is the best girl! She is so smart and learns really fast :) we appreciated the puppy pack she sent home with all the information in regards to vet care and her chip ID. Information about training and everything puppy related. The toys were a hit and the blanket with mommas scent was helpful the first couple nights! If you are looking for a cockapoo puppy Pam is awesome!

Our Promise to you!

We want to make this experience a great one for you and your family

We want to be the best breeders we can. We raise these pups in our home. They get maximum exposure to people, children and other animals. They are handled daily. Before pups leave our home they will be introduced to many of the sounds that may be a little scary for them in their new home. We expose them to the vacuum, blender, washer, dryer, dishwasher, doorbell, and other loud noises. To make the transition a little easier we send home in the puppy package a blanket that has been with the mom and has her scent on it.


More Testimonials

Hi Pam,

Just wanted to give you an update about our Ollie. He's nearly seven months old already! Getting Ollie has been a fantastic experience for my whole family; we could not ask for a more sweet-natured, affectionate puppy. He's been awesome with my daughter and young nieces. When we go for walks he loves to see all the new people and dogs. Ollie has yet to meet anyone that he didn't like. We are so appreciative of the time you spent socializing Ollie when he was very young,it has really paid off!

Ollie has also proven to be quite clever. He was fully house trained within a few weeks and is always excited to learn new tricks. Because he is so smart, we've found we need to keep him occupied so that he doesn't get into mischief. Frequent short play sessions and walks keep everyone happy. Crate training at night was a breeze. Ollie slept straight through the night from his first night home.

We've never owned a dog before, so this has been a new experience for us.We were very lucky to have found Heavenly Pups. Ollie is the BEST puppy and we're so happy to have him in our family! Cheers, Nicole


She is such an amazing addition to our family! She has made best friends with our Shepherd and has become the boss! She now sits, shakes a paw and lays down. Potty training is a work in progress, but her quirky, energetic and sweet disposition makes us ok with the extra work! Amazing little pup from an equally amazing breeder!

Hi Pam, just wanted to give you an update on Maisy. She's doing fantastic! She's healthy, happy, gaining weight (almost 5 lbs now at 11 weeks) and very smart! She knows how to sit, lie down, spin, come when called, play fetch, and rings a bell to tell us she has to go outside to potty. I love that she's very quiet, rarely barks, and gentle and loving with the kids. Thank you for raising us such a lovely puppy!

We couldn’t imagine a better experience getting a puppy!  Pam’s love and care for her dogs is obvious in every step of the process, and Aurora came to us a well-adjusted, loving little puppy. Pam’s communication with us new “puppy parents” was fantastic from the moment Aurora was born until we took her home (and after!).  Pam’s efforts to socialize her puppies resulted in our Little Aurora not fearing bath time, nail grooming, new people or small children from the very first day we took her home. In fact, she continues to be so happy to meet new people that she has earned the nickname, “Wigglebum.” Aurora has grown into a happy, playful and friendly adult, and we wouldn't hesitate for a moment recommending Pam and her cockapoos to anyone!


We cannot say enough good things about Pam, Jevon and their family!  We were really lucky to find such an amazing breeder that cares for their puppies.  

We spent some time deciding on a breed and once we decided that the cockapoo would be best for us we found Pam!  Pam and Jevon were both honest, helpful, and patience with us during the puppy picking process. They opened up their home to us and really took the time to get to know us to ensure we picked the puppy that best suited us and vice versus. They even went the extra mile and started kennel training Bruce as we were not able to pick him up until week 9. 

If you are looking for a cuddly, smart, loving cockapoo we would 110% recommend Pam and Jevon.

Thank you for all the weekly puppy updates, being available anytime to answer all our questions, and allowing us to visit the puppies (we loved the vet visit!) We will love our little Bruce forever and we only hope to be as good of doggy parents as you guys are!


Paulina & Travis

We seen an advertisement on kijiji for cockapoo’s and right away I called the number provided on the internet and spoke with Jevon Hawboldt. Like any family Pam was out running errands and he assured me she would return my call as soon as possible.
Sure enough that same evening Pam called me back, we chatted for a while and agreed to meet in Wetaskiwan that next Saturday to meet the precious puppies.
We arrived at Pam and Jevon’s house, greeted at the door with huge smile Pam welcomed us in. She had 3 puppies available (from a large litter I do believe 7) in the living room on the floor with a heated blanket and pee pads. It was so cozy and warm for them we knew they were being well cared for! We felt so comfortable in their home played with the puppies and eventually picked “Taz”

After meeting the mother of the pups, the cat, the other dogs and kids running around we were so confident we made the best decision. This family is PERFECT for raising puppies.
Pam was so diligent on sending us updates, photos, information from the first vet visit, and extremely well organized booking half hour appointments on the pick -up date to ensure nothing is missed.  

I would recommend Pam and Jevon Hawboldt to anyone looking for a sweet cockapoo to join their family!
Thank you for such a great experience and the beginning of “Taz’s” spoiled life!


We will keep in touch J

Jessica and Brendan

Went for a little walk on a leash today! He did great. He's such a good boy. I am in love with this litle creature! Finn is a very kind, loving laid back pup. Fits perfectly into my life!

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