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Early Neurological Stimulation ENS!

This technique was developed by the U.S. military for their canine program to improve the performance of dogs used for military purposes. It became known as the “Super Dog” program. They learned performing ENS exercises with puppies had important and lasting effects. The research shows that dogs exposed to ENS were able to handle stress better, more resistant to certain forms of cancer and infectious diseases. Breeders also found that pups were less prove to an overreaction of stimuli, tended to be more social and adapt to change more easily.

The Benifits of ENS


More tolerance to


Stronger adrenal


Greater resistance to


Quicker stress



Greater human


Stonger heart  beats


Improved cardiovascular performance

During the 8 weeks we have your puppies here we do many different things to help these pups have the best start in life possible. For example, around week 3 we start potty training the pups to use a litter. Why do we do this? This is a great way to help the puppies start to use their nose and think for themselves. It is much more hygienic for the puppies. Also, easier clean up for us😉

We introduce them to puppy mush in week 3 as well. Everyday the puppies are socialized to humans and sounds. We start playing sounds for them to help them not be so scared of our world. We have them walk on different surfaces, tinfoil, bubble wrap, rubber mats etc. We give them different toys and during playtime once a little older we introduce a tunnel to go through and a ramp they can climb up and down. We make sure they get to meet other humans from outside our house. My husband always will sit and socialize with them as most puppy’s fear men for some reason. This way they get to hear a man’s voice and have mans touch. If the weather is good, we expose the pups to outside. We introduce them to kennels to make kennel training easier and not so scary when they go to their new homes. Pups come to you well loved and socialized and ready for their new homes. You can head over to our facebook page to watch some of the videos of us socializing the pups.

We send pups home with a great puppy pack, 30 days of pet insurance through Trupanion, first vaccination, fully vet checked and with a microchip.  We also provide you with a leash that we have made. The slip line is in my opinion the best to use. Again, we suggest anyone bringing home one of our pups purchase and read one of these two books. The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete or Let dogs be dogs by Mark Goldburg and Brother Christopher.

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We have different sizes of Cockapoos. When we use our toy poodle as the dad we can get as small as 7 pounds and up to about 18. When we use our miniature poodle as the dad the average is between 13-23 pounds. Our large or standard cockapoos can be anywhere from 20-40 pounds.

Waitlist Application

Our waitlist is open at this time for those that have an open timeframe. Our waitlist is open for Cockapoos, Standard Cockapoos, Miniautre Sheepadoodles, and Schnoodles. Please only fill out this application if you have an open timeframe. An open timeframe meaning as puppies come avaiable we will work through our waitlist and match according to your needs and wants. There is no guarantee of how long or short your wait time will be as we have no control over size of litters. Once filled out email back to I will start reaching out to people at my earliest opportunity! Please be aware we match for temperament over color or gender. It is so important for this matching to be the best possible for both owner and puppy. 

Here is the application, please fill out and email back to

Our waitlist is open. We are expecting reg size Cockapoos. Chyka and Walter and Lolli and Frodo have been paired. We are very excited to see what they will have. 

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